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The AWESOME Life Club is a group designed for those wishing to create an AWESOME life as well as for those already enjoying one. It’s a place where you can connect with others in our collective journey to become more Awake, Wondrous, Engaged, Still, Open, Meaningful and Energized!


John Peitzman, or “JP” as he is known, has a comprehensive and unique personal and professional background. From being a skilled performer as a youth with his own record label, to managing his own martial arts schools, to his 20 years plus in the corporate environment as an executive, to his current work as an energetic healer, meditation teacher and life coach… JP has always been absorbed in high performance.

The Company and Key Program Offerings

In Balance with Life

In Balance with Life (IBL) was founded by John (JP) and Marliesa Peitzman; a husband and wife team passionate about helping their clients find optimum health, maintain wellbeing and create and sustain a happy and fulfilling life. Certified High Performance Coaching™ is one of IBL’s key program offerings.


Demonstrated, Operationalized, Individual Transformation; the most personalized Certified High Performance Coaching™ option, providing one-on-one dedicated coaching. The best choice for those with passionate interest and desire for dedicated attention and personalized learning.full details


Group Engagement Training Improving Together; a more affordable Certified High Performance Coaching™ option, joining other interested individuals to learn in a small group setting. The best choice for those not requiring a one-on-one environment and willing to learn with others.full details


Group Engagement Training Improving Together+; identical to the GET IT Program yet comprised of an existing team of specifically identified individuals. The best choice for corporate teams, families, and/or other unique groups who are already connected.full details

Weekly Wellness

This is a personal journey of continuing learning, application and growth. Unlike the specific curriculum in the 12 sessions of Certified High Performance Coaching™, JP’s Weekly Wellness Life Coaching is completely customized for the individual who is going through the program.full details

Monthly Mastery

Monthly Mastery Life Coaching is delivered in 6 sessions over 6 months. Though the quantity and frequency is typically not as impactful as the Weekly Wellness program, Monthly Mastery Life Coaching still provides a specific and tangible individualized pathway for continued developmentfull details


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